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Kare-n-Bear is the name of our ministry that provides emergency clothing and personal items to children removed from their homes by Child Protective Services. These children often leave without anything and our program helps make a traumatic situation a little better by providing care kits full of essential items (diapers, pajamas, toothbrushes, shampoo, socks, etc.) as well as a handcrafted bear and bag for each child. We provide for children, newborns through age 10 and since 1995, our Kare-n-Bear program has made a difference in the lives of over 4000 children.
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 How can you get involved?

1.  Donate $$  –  Give a check to church with KNB in the memo line.

2.  Purchase Items for the Kits

Several times a year we’ll put out “Karen Bear” in the lobby so each of us has the opportunity to take “tags” of needed items and purchase specific things for the care packages.

3.  Volunteer:

• Sewer – Using provided fabric, directions, and pattern, you can sew the bears and bags at home.
• Assembler – Periodically, we’ll gather and assemble all the components to prep for delivery to Children’s Services.
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Kare-n-Bear Kits

Kare-n-Bear has clothespin “hair” stocked with tags for specific items which will be used to assemble the kits. Members of the congregation take the tags and supply the items needed.

Each Kare-n-Bear Kit contains basics such as pajamas, socks, underwear /diapers,  baby wipes, diaper cream, combs/hairbrushes, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a hand-sewn stuffed bear and drawstring bag, lovingly crafted by members of the congregation.


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Kare-n-Bear was created on September 28, 1995, when a small group met at the home of Jim and Wendy Pitt to discuss Community Service efforts. The group included three couples: Jim and Wendy Pitt, Rob and Jan Abbott, and Brian and Chris Leavitt.  As foster parents, the Leavitts mentioned that too often foster children arrive without a change of clothes or anything of their own. Consequently, Chris contacted the Children’s Services Division with the proposal and the first Kare-n-Bear Kits were soon delivered. Brother Ken McEwen and others constructed the bear which now sits in the foyer. It was repaired and given a facelift by Max and Clyda Clark in 2001. The ministry was headed up by the Kornman Family until 2019, and the baton has since been passed to Nancy Case and Shirley Honaker and their team.
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